Myron Wright,

Anchorage, Alaska

myron wrightMr. Wright graduated from college in May 1970. Upon arriving in Alaska in 1971 as a commercial pilot and certified flight instructor, he began working in the aviation industry. His deep interest in photography and fascination with the beauty and vastness of the Alaska that he was seeing from the air, soon led him to begin selling his photographs. His work has been published in regional and national publications such as Audubon and National Geographic magazines, the Alaska Journal, and Alaska Magazine.

While living in western Alaska, Mr. Wright assigned himself to document the Yupik people and their culture. His work was published in Alaska Geographic’s The Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. He was later commissioned on two occasions to do 1% for Art projects, one photographing the elders in the village of Wales, the other several villages in the Bethel area. Although having advanced to the position of Boeing 737 First Officer, with the shutdown of his employer Wien Air Alaska in 1984, Mr. Wright made the decision to pursue photography as a career. Subsequently, his work has been seen in numerous books including Alaska and the Yukon; Alaska, Southeast to McKinley; Alaska’s Arctic; Christmas in America and many calendars, posters, and brochures. Mr. Wright has done assignment work for many clients to include Sohio, State of Alaska: 1% for Art, West Tours, Cominco, Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Alaska Airlines, Northern Air Cargo, US Army Corps of Engineers, BP, FedEx, Reeve Aleutian Airways, Raytheon, and the Alaska Arts Council.

Wright’s scenic images have appeared on credit cards of Alaska Federal Credit Union, Denali Credit Union, and Frontier Alaska Credit Union. In 1999, twenty of Wright’s framed panoramic images five feet and longer were installed for permanent display in the new hospital at Elmendorf Air Force Base. Currently Mr. Wright is specializing in panoramic photography and has sold prints in various locations around the state. In pursuit of excellence in panoramic photography, he is a charter member of the International Association of Panoramic Photographers, founded in 1984. Mr. Wright’s work has been featured in a number of photo exhibits, including solo shows at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art in 1978 (black and white photos) and 1991 (color panoramic photos), a 1982 black and white invitational at UAF, and a solo show at Stonington Gallery in Anchorage. With today’s digital technology, Wright is now capturing high megapixel imagery from which he is producing larger and more finely detailed prints than what was possible with film. In Jan. of 2017 Wright’s aurora metal prints were showcased at a solo show at Blue Holoman Gallery in Anchorage. He also sells prints at The Museum of the North at UAF, and a private gallery in Fairbanks as well as the interpretive center at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

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