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Aurora Mini Gift Card Pack

$10.00 SKU: AGP
denali guide bookhow to bicycle in Denali

Denali Guide to Hiking Photography and Camping Ebook

$29.00 SKU: DENe

Fairbanks Holographic Aurora Sticker

$5.00 SKU: FAS

Holographic Aurora Sticker Sheet

$12.50 SKU: HASS

Holographic Aurora Stickers – 4 pack

$12.50 SKU: ASPH

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Wildflower Gift Card Pack

$10.00 SKU: FGP

2024 Alaska Wildlife & Wilderness Calendar

$14.95 SKU: AW24

2024 Aurora Calendar

$14.95 SKU: AU24

2024 Denali Wildlife & Wilderness Calendar

$14.95 SKU: DW24
2023 Alaska Time Calendar

2023 Alaska Time Weekly Calendar Planner

$15.95 SKU: AT23

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2024 Alaska Time Weekly Calendar Planner

$16.95 SKU: AT24

2024 Alaska Weather Calendar

$16.00 SKU: WE24

2024 Barbara Lavallee Wall Calendar

$13.95 SKU: BL24

2024 Alaska Pocket Calendar

$7.95 SKU: AP24

Afternoon Story Time

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-18
Alaska 123 Board Book

Alaska 123 Colors and Numbers

$9.95 SKU: 123B
Matted fine art alaska card

Alaska Icons

$18.95 SKU: MMK36
Matted fine art alaska card

Denali Grizzly

$18.95 SKU: MGR37
Matted fine art alaska card

Together matted card

$18.95 SKU: MAK23

Alaska Icons

$2.95 SKU: MK36
Denali Grizzly

Denali Grizzly

$2.95 SKU: GR37

Denali Pastel

$2.95 SKU: MK24
Hang on

Hang On

$2.95 SKU: GR36

Lupine Meadow

$2.95 SKU: AK-24
midnight embrace

Midnight Embrace

$2.95 SKU: NL25
otter love

Otter Love

$2.95 SKU: OT04
Polar greetings

Polar Greetings

$2.95 SKU: PB04
Alaska blueberries


$2.95 SKU: AK23
Barbara Lavallee Alaska Wedding art card

Alaska Wedding

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-12
Alaska's ABC Bears Board Book

Alaska’s ABC Bears

$9.95 SKU: ABCB
Alaska Animals You and I book

Alaska’s Animals, You and I

$11.95 SKU: AAS

Alaska’s Train Story

$9.95 SKU: TSB

Alaska’s Wild Berries

$9.95 SKU: PWB

Arctic Cycles

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-17
arctic cycleshand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Arctic Cycles – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-17
Matted fine art alaska card

Arctic Flow

$18.95 SKU: MNL23

Arctic Flow

$2.95 SKU: NL23
barbara lavallee arctic hopscotch art card

Arctic Hopscotch

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-01
arctic hopscotchhand-signed by barbara lavallee

Arctic Hopscotch – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-01

Aurora Reflection

$2.95 SKU: NL21
matted fine art alaska notecard

Aurora Reflection

$18.95 SKU: MNL21
matted fine art alaska notecard

Back Scratch

$18.95 SKU: MGR35

Back Scratch

$2.95 SKU: GR35
Lavallee card pack

Barbara Lavallee Art Card Pack (7)

$15.00 SKU: LCP

Barbara Lavallee Gift Card Pack

$9.00 SKU: LGP
Barbara Lavallee Quilt art card pack

Barbara Lavallee Quilter’s Art Card Pack (5)

$15.50 SKU: QCP

Beach Boys

$2.95 SKU: GR32
Matted fine art alaska card

Beach Boys

$18.95 SKU: MGR32

Bear Family Portrait

$2.95 SKU: GR33
Matted fine art alaska card

Bear Family Portrait

$18.95 SKU: MGR33
Bear Story A Rhyme from A to Zzzz's

Bear Story

$11.95 SKU: BSS

Blueberry Basket

$2.95 SKU: AK16