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    Thunderfeet CD

    Many questions followed the discovery of dinosaur fossils on Alaska’s north slope. Did they hibernate during winter months? Did they migrate south to find food? Join us for an inspiring journey in verse and rhyme through 70 million years of history. From the day of the dinosaurs to the migration of North America’s animals across the Bering Land Bridge. Narration by Shelley Gill with songs written and performed by Hobo Jim. Age 5 and up.
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    Prince William Sound Map & Guide

    A water based road map with beautifully shaded relief features, Alaska ferry routes, commercial tour routes, wildlife viewing areas, US Forest Service cabins, points of interest, scenic attractions, and historic sites. The perfect souvenir and trip planner.
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    Cloud and Weather Field Guide

    A quick reference laminated guide of clouds, sky phenomena, and weather that affect Alaskans and their daily activities. 11 x 17 folds to 8 panels 11 x 4.25. Published by Williwaw Publishing. NOTE: Retail outlets in Southeast Alaska should order wholesale direct from Williwaw. ISBN: 978-1-892337-32-0
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