About Greatland Graphics

Supporting Alaskan Artists and Communities

made in alaskaAt Greatland Graphics, we love Alaska, its wild and rugged landscape, and its unique wildlife. We want to share its natural beauty through quality printed products and distinctive Alaskan art. We exclusively publish and represent Alaskan residents’ work, and when you purchase our products, you support local Alaskan artists, photographers, and authors. Our small company takes pride in excellent customer service and high-quality products.

Printing in Alaska and Canada

Made in North AmericaWe have moved all our printing services from Asia to North America (Alaska/Canada). Powered by renewable energy, our Canadian printing facility uses non-petroleum, plant-based inks and paper milled from trees, according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Planet Friendly

Planet Freindly

After hiking hundreds of miles along Alaska’s coast, one cannot view the use of plastics forever altered. There are tons of plastic trash along Alaska’s shores that will last for hundreds of years. We are transitioning to plant-based, compostable plastic packaging wherever possible in our sleeved notecards, card packs, and clear bags for our matted notecards to move away from plastics. Given the energy demands of creating corn-based products, we realize this is not a perfect system.

At five sites in the world’s oceans, plastic waste accumulates in large swirling gyres, the largest of which is three times the size of France. Millions of tons of plastic enters the oceans every year, damaging marine ecosystems, harming ocean animals and entering the human food chain. (ref)

Giving Back

We support the future of Alaska, its people, communities, and the land we all cherish. Some proceeds will support two Alaska non-profits selected annually when you purchase our products. We are proud to support Fairbanks Youth Advocates, a non-profit that provides emergency shelter for homeless and at-risk youth in Fairbanks, and the Alaska Wilderness League, whose vision is to protect Alaska’s wildest places for generations to come.


Retail orders generally ship the day following the order, often the same day. We do not mark up our shipping. Depending on the order size, wholesale orders ship in a day or two via FedEx Ground or USPS to most major cities in Alaska.

Service Centers

Headquartered in Fairbanks, Greatland Graphics uses an additional warehouse and distribution center in Anchorage. Our two sales reps, Robin and Amy, manage orders and deliveries. Please email us for a wholesale price list and order form.

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