Hand-signed Barbara Lavallee Art Cards

8 x 10 double-matted Barbara Lavallee art cards

Packaged in compostable plastic enclosures.

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arctic cycleshand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Arctic Cycles – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-17
drum songhand-signed by barbara lavallee

Drum Song – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-29-1
eskimo snowhand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Eskimo Snow – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-31
Pole catshand-signed by barbara lavallee

Pole Cats – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-20
sleddinghand-signed by barbara lavallee

Sledding – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-21
snow dayhand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Snow Day – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-45
tlingit canoehand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Tlingit Canoe – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-10
up up and awayhand-signed by barbara lavallee

Up, Up and Away – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-43