Sea Otter Secrets
  • Sea Otter Secrets

Sea Otter Secrets


Matted Notecard
8 x 10 inch double-mat with custom cutout
Packaged in a crystal clear bag

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Sea Otter Secrets

Double-matted card with custom accent cutout

Photo by John Warden

Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) were nearly exterminated in Alaska by continuous hunting for their valuable fur. Today the population is protected by law. Their fur, possibly the finest in the world, consists of a very dense, fine underfur with longer guard hairs. The fur traps air, keeping the otter warm in Alaska’s cold northern waters. If the fur becomes dirty, the insulating quality is lost, so otters spend a lot of time grooming to keep themselves clean.

Printed in Alaska on paper that meets the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) guidelines.

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Weight5 oz
Dimensions8 × 10 in


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