Upload Photos

By invite only

Note: If you get the message: “It appears you are offline” try using
Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser, and clear your browser cache.

File Types:
RAW preferred (native RAW with .xmp or DNG)
TIFF (unsharpened .tiffs. 8 bit)
JPEG (unaltered, only if shot as original in-camera .jpeg)

Step 1 – Caption photos (include in IPTC)
Description or Caption / Location / Copyright name

Step 2 – Name files
Firstname-Lastname-filename  (Example: Patrick-Endres-29875.dng)

Step 3 – Name folder (one folder)
Firstname-Lastname-2021 (Example: Patrick-Endres-2021. If you need multiple folders due to file size or upload speed append the folder name with -1,-2 respectively.)

Step 4 – Compress or zip the folder
Firstname-Lastname-2021.zip (Example: Patrick-Endres-2021.zip)
For Mac: In Finder, select folder, go to File/Compress.
For PC: In Windows Explorer, select folder, right-click, send to compressed/zipped folder.

having problems? Email Patrick