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Barbara Lavallee Quilt art card pack

Barbara Lavallee Quilter’s Art Card Pack (5)

$15.50 SKU: QCP
Lavallee card pack

Barbara Lavallee Art Card Pack (7)

$15.00 SKU: LCP

Barbara Lavallee Gift Card Pack

$9.00 SKU: LGP

2024 Barbara Lavallee Wall Calendar

$13.95 SKU: BL24
Buy any 3 calendars, get 3rd free - mix/match
village traditions card pack

Barbara Lavallee Holiday Card Pack (10) – Village Traditions

$26.00 SKU: VCP
waiting for the fat man

Barbara Lavallee Holiday Card Pack (10) – Waiting for the Fat Man

$26.00 SKU: FCP
Fat Man

Barbara Lavallee Winter Holiday Card Pack (10)

$26.00 SKU: LHP
hand-signed by barbara lavallee

Following the Leader – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-48
arctic hopscotchhand-signed by barbara lavallee

Arctic Hopscotch – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-01
gathering berrieshand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Gathering Berries – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-29
arctic cycleshand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Arctic Cycles – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-17
drum songhand-signed by barbara lavallee

Drum Song – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-02
eskimos and calicoshand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Eskimos & Calicos – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-28
i love you this muchhand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

I Love You This Much – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-42
kuspuks by the yardhand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Kuspuks by the Yard – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-03
moonlight marinademat size

Moonlight Marinade – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-04
Pole catshand-signed by barbara lavallee

Pole Cats – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-20
sleddinghand-signed by barbara lavallee

Sledding – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-21
snow dayhand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Snow Day – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-45
tlingit canoehand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Tlingit Canoe – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-10
toast to isaac newtonhand-signed by barbara lavallee

Toast to Isaac Newton – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-07
underwater alaskahand-signed by barbara lavallee

Underwater Alaska – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-09
up up and awayhand-signed by barbara lavallee

Up, Up, and Away – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-43
catch of the dayhand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Catch of the Day – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-38
northern night sightshand-signed by barbara lavallee

Northern Night Sights – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-05
village traditinoshand-signed by barbara lavallee

Village Traditions – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-44
eskimo snowhand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Eskimo Snow – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-31
knit three togetherhand-signed by Barbara Lavalle

Knit Three Together – Signed

$24.00 SKU: MBL AC-33
Party Girls art card

Party Girls

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-36x

167 in stock


$3.95 SKU: BL AC-21


$3.95 SKU: BL AC-23

Picture your Audience

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-26
Fat Manwaiting for the fat man

Waiting for the Fat Man

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-27x
barbara lavallee eskimos and calicos art card

Eskimos and Calicos

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-28
barbara lavallee gathering berries art cardgathering berries

Gathering Berries

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-29

Puddle Jumpers

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-30

Eskimo Snow

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-31

Eskimo Stitchery

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-32

Pole Cats

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-20
Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-46
The Quilt

The Quilt

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-47
barbara lavallee catch of the day art card

Catch of the Day

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-38

Following the Leader

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-48


$3.95 SKU: BL AC-42
barbara lavallee knit three together art cardbarbara lavallee knit three together art card

Knit Three Together

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-33
underwater alaskabarbara lavallee underwater alaska art card

Underwater Alaska

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-9

Northern Night Sights

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-5

Moonlight Marinade

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-4
barbara lavallee kuspuks by the yard art card

Kuspuks by the Yard

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-3
Drum Songbarbara lavallee drum song art card

Drum Song

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-2
barbara lavallee arctic hopscotch art card

Arctic Hopscotch

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-01
barbara lavallee up up and away art card

Up Up and Away

$3.95 SKU: BL AC-43