Barbara Lavallee Art Cards

Barbara Lavallee is one of Alaska’s much-loved artists. Through exposure to native Alaska culture, she developed a distinctive style that celebrates the joy, resilience, and hard work that characterizes native life. She paints in transparent watercolor, playing hot colors against a white background. Barbara’s art reflects her interest in people, how they live, and what they do.

  • 5 x 7 inches, blank inside, with a white envelope
  • Enclosed in a clear, compostable plastic sleeve
  • Printed in Alaska on paper in accordance with the Sustainable Forest Initiative guidelines.

Afternoon Story Time

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-18
Barbara Lavallee Alaska Wedding art card

Alaska Wedding

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-12

Arctic Cycles

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-17
barbara lavallee arctic hopscotch art card

Arctic Hopscotch

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-1
barbara lavallee catch of the day art card

Catch of the Day

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-38


$3.50 SKU: BL AC-13
Drum Songbarbara lavallee drum song art card

Drum Song

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-2

Eskimo Snow

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-31

Eskimo Stitchery

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-32
barbara lavallee eskimos and calicos art card

Eskimos and Calicos

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-28
barbara lavallee gathering berries art cardgathering berries

Gathering Berries

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-29


$3.50 SKU: BL AC-42
barbara lavallee knit three together art cardbarbara lavallee knit three together art card

Knit Three Together

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-33
barbara lavallee kuspuks by the yard art card

Kuspuks by the Yard

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-3

Lazy Gray Cats

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-19

Looking for Love

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-24

Moonlight Marinade

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-4

Northern Night Sights

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-5

Picture your Audience

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-26

Pole Cats

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-20

Puddle Jumpers

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-30

Puffin Review

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-40


$3.50 SKU: BL AC-21


$3.50 SKU: BL AC-23
barbara lavallee snow day art card

Snow Day

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-45
Party Girls art card

Party Girls

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-36x

192 in stock

Time Out

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-16
barbara lavallee tlingit canoe art card

Tlingit Canoe

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-10

334 in stock

barbara lavallee toast to isaac newton art cardtoast to isaac newton

Toast to Isaac Newton

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-7
underwater alaskabarbara lavallee underwater alaska art card

Underwater Alaska

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-9
barbara lavallee up up and away art card

Up Up and Away

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-43
Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-46
The Quilt

The Quilt

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-47-1
barbara lavallee village traditions art card

Village Traditions

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-44
Fat Manwaiting for the fat man

Waiting for the Fat Man

$3.50 SKU: BL AC-27x