“The Calendar arrived in good shape today. My husband and I have had two arguments about whose turn it is to look at the photography! Thanks so much for your usual perfect customer service – see you next year!”

Mary T. (South Carolina)

“My package arrived today, and I couldn’t wait to page thru next year’s Aurora and Weekly calendars. Every year the outstanding photography seems to get better. Keep up the exceptional work. I’m a customer for life.”

Lynn N. (Wisconsin)

Thanks for making such great calendars! I considered switching to another calendar but when I saw the December photo I knew AK was for me.

Louise B. (New York)

“We have been ordering these calendars each year for 35 years. Obviously we enjoy them. Best of luck with this great company.”

Ellen K. (Massachusettes)

“I really love these calendars and actually use them for stationery! I love the photos and it’s wonderful to share the beauty of our amazing state with others.”

Linda R. (Washington)
“The calendar arrived today in Switzerland….everything great. Thought the little “thank you” sticker on the package was great!”
Janine Z. (Switzerland)

“I’ve been purchasing these calendars for well over 15 years and have enjoyed each one. Wishing you great success with this wonderful product.”

Mike O. (Maine)

“I LOVE Alaska and I love having your calendar near me on my desk to look at and admire various pictures each week so it’s my pleasure to continue getting them.”

Susan P. (Minnesota)
“The calendars are GORGEOUS. Please keep photographing Denali. My time spent in Alaska was MOST special when I saw Denali–will NEVER forget that mountain!”
Nancy V. (New York)
“I’ve been buying your calendar for many years now. I was super relieved to find I could order online. The weekly calendar is just fantastic. Keep up the good work!”
Mary S. (Alaska)