Horned Puffins
  • Horned Puffins

Horned Puffins


Matted Notecard
8 x 10 inch double-mat with custom cutouts
Packaged in a crystal clear bag

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Horned Puffins

Double-matted card with custom accent cutout

Photo by Alissa Crandall

Horned puffins (Fratercula corniculata) spend most of their lives on the open ocean.  In summer they come ashore to breed and raise their young, burrowing into steep-sided cliffs to avoid predators like foxes searching for eggs.  Males and females take turns incubating a single egg.  Parents fly many miles each day to bring fish back to feed their baby. The chick has to be able to fly back to the ocean when it is two months old.  Horned puffin’s beaks are a colorful yellow-and-orange during breeding season but change back to a more muted color in winter.

Printed in Alaska on paper that meets the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) guidelines. 

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Weight5 oz
Dimensions8 × 10 in


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